• BQ: in my experience, people seem to prefer egg white and don't like the yolk. I personally love yolk, I boil eggs just for the egg yolk. why do people hate egg yolk?With the yolk. All the nutrition is in the yolk and egg yolks or fat don't
  • definitely yes. My parents only gave me a 250 texting limit anyways, so I rarely text. I could just use my home phone or someone elses when I need to call someone. It's really not that bad.N.icoleYeahFMLi dont have a m
  • don`t think i could !To be honest no I could not I only use my phone In emergencys but I use my phone as a media player such as mp3s ,3gp videos and for the built In radio It saves buying a ipod videowobberMy cell phone has becom
  • People had to live without them once, but now every where you go, people are on mobile phones. My father of 78 says "he has got this far in life without texting and he is not going to start now"frankmilano6off course.....b
  • Is it good/bad to do this? If you say it is bad ...tell me how do u undo this? If you say it is a good idea.... please tell me if this is a ideal solution? Will this solve our communication problem?Never, never, never involve ANYONE in a fig
  • Over weekend mother in law told me that all men are created equal. that some men who are not good in the bedroom are probably good at their work and bring home nice paychecks. I knew she was talking about my smallish dick. I cant be around this negat
  • I am the one who is addicted to my wife and my wife is the one who is dependent of me. How do I overcome my addiction to my wife and force her to become independent so I can gain some autonomy and live my own life? I wasn't always addicted to my wife
  • I am so sad I dont know what to do my son has bought a new home and will be moving in about 45 days I am so lonely i can hardly stand it my husband works alot is generally falls asleep after dinner and doesn't pay any attention to me he has high bloo
  • About my boyfriend and I dated. He broke up with someone to date me and we became engaged. We broke up and he married the person he broke up with about a year after we broke up. They divorced about a yr and a half ago and have two wonder
  • wasn't answering his cell phone at close to 10PM. He left for work at 6AM & he always answers his phone unless he's at the bar when he's not supposed to be nor has he checked in with you all day. I called the 2 bars that he usually hangs out at, but
  • I used to date this guy while attending UCLA . He moved to attend medical school and eventually we lost touch. Few weeks ago, I found his e-mail and decided to contact him. We spoke on the phone he's a doctor now and moved kind of close to
  • The point boils down to this: I am 21 and my husband is 26 and the truth is, I want to do fun things in life while my husband wants to focus on our future. That was practically said on his behalf sounding much better, I understand. But, the twist is,
  • I've been 'seeing' this guy for about 3 months. Started off dating... our dates were fantastic... we had so much in common it was uncanny. A lot of chemistry. He was very sweet.. But because we live about 40 mins apart, and mostly because we are very
  • A girl brought up marriage and to me she was hinting that I should ask her to marry me. It was great that she brought it up but I was not prepared financially. I basically mentioned that I was not financially stable and that for sure I would consider
  • Every time I sent out invitations to dinner, sports, or to movies, the girls rejected me with a number of bogus excuses. I used to feel bad of being rejected, but now I'm annoyed. I'm wasting my time sending out invitations, I'm wasting their time, a
  • I thought I had heard them all, until this girl said she couldn't go out with me because she was moving to another continent! And I don't believe it when they tell me they don't have a phone either, I've got that at least 20 times when asking
  • Which day would it be

    January 10    2
    I got my wisdom teeth removed Friday morning, which day would it make today? The 2nd or 3rd?Second day, since it's Sunday where I live. Third day where it's Monday in other places.3 weeks agoMonday in a lot of places. Its Sunday wher
  • Do or have you ever gotten into horse-topic related disagreements/arguments with your parents? I'm purchasing a new roping saddle for college as I'm going to be getting into ranch work as well as team roping this summer and have been planning on it f
  • The two axes, horizontal and vertical, separate the coordinate plane into four sections calledQuadrantsJason FQuadrants.Anatol Kuraginquadrants labelled with roman numerals starting in upper left.huh8 years
  • My iPod died in a fatal accident, it drowned in the bathtub(RIP Berry) My Cell phone is going crazy It keeps telling me: Enhancement not supported after it fell in the sink!! What addiction should i stop first?! Coffee, Smoking or sour skittles! Do y
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